Awarding academic credit for free online OER courses: Lessons from the OERu

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The nexus of MOOCs, virtual mobility and OER is a key focus of the eMundus project. While the phenomenon of commercial MOOC providers are widening access to free online learning opportunities, typically these courses use closed educational resources and do not provide pathways leading to formal academic credit towards recognised university degrees. In contrast, open online courses based solely on OER provide unprecedented opportunities to widen access to more affordable education opportunities and can provide pathways leading to credible credentials especially for learners, who for lack of funding or access to provision in their home countries, will not have the privilege of a tertiary education. The OER universitas (OERu) international innovation partnership of universities, colleges and polytechnics is responding to responding to this social challenge and implementing solutions for awarding academic credit towards credible credentials for free online OER courses. During this webinar, we will share how the OERu international network is implementing solutions for virtual mobility using OER courses and awarding formal academic credit.

Main speaker: Wayne Mackintosh, OERu, New Zealand 

Discussant: Cristina Stefanelli, SOPHIA, Italy
Recorded video will be published on that webpage 


Contributed by: Cristina Stefanelli

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2015 08:00
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