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The Disruptive Media Learning Lab, of Coventry University, is hosting a two-day celebration of disruptive teaching and learning on Open Education Week, which aims to create thought-provoking discussions. Day one focuses on innovative ways of teaching and learning at higher education; showcasing projects of the DMLL, theories and adaptive technologies.

Day two we will be discussing Open Education and implications for teaching and learning practice. With Keynote speaker Cristobal Cobo (Oxford Internet Institute), an advocate of Open Education, speaking about what it means to be Open beyond the bricks and mortar of institutions.

Josie Fraser (Leicester City Council) will be giving an insight using Creative Commons Licenses and sharing the tools in order to use Open Education Resources to teach.

In the afternoon we will be hosting an interview with Professor Gary Hall, who is a pioneer in Open Access Publishing and co-authored the book Open Education: A Study in Disruption.

Jonathan Worth will also be facilitating ‘Speaking Openly’ a conversation that will travel across thousands of miles discussing the repercussions of Open Education on Privacy, Security and Trust. Involved in this conversation is digital activist and author Cory Doctorow; Mediactivist and author of Mediactive, Dan Gillmor; creator of Hack Education, Audrey Watters; author of The Leap: The Science of Trust and Why it Matters, Ulrich Boser; co-founder and Director of Research for Internet and Society, Nishant Shah; and Director of Common Crawl, which aims to democratize access to the web Lisa Green.

The Disruptive Media Learning Lab will be both live streaming, and recording the event for archival online for future viewing.
Throughout the day, we will be pulling in feeds from other institutions into our new innovative learning space so that we can contribute to the Open Education conversations that are happening outside our campus.


Coventry University

Contributed by: Kate Green

Date and Time: Mar 12, 2015 09:30
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