K12 OER Collaborative

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The K–12 OER Collaborative (http://k12oercollaborative.org) is a state-led initiative that began in December 2013. US States: Utah, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Hawaii, North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Oregon and Wisconsin.

Its objective is to create comprehensive, high quality OER, supporting K–12 math and English language arts, aligned with the US Common Core State Standards. These CC BY licensed resources will offer additional choice to local education agencies, significantly reduce expenditures for instructional materials, and provide much greater flexibility with higher-quality digital educational content.

What problem is the collaborative trying to solve? Every year school districts across the USA spend over US$8 billion on instructional materials. Textbooks will quickly fall into disrepair and their content will lapse out of date. In addition, much of this spending will be on costly yearly subscription fees for online content which schools will only be able to lease (not own). New improvements in technology and online content create the very real potential to offer students dynamic digital content that is organized, searchable, tagged, aligned with standards, and engaging.




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Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/cgreen/k12-oer-collaborative

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Contributed by: Cable Green

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2015 20:00
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