OER uptake in adult education institutions

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OERup! take up the need to promote and foster the successful implementation of OER and OEPs (Open Educational Practices) in adult education in Europe in order to widen participation in Open Education. The project develops and pilots a training concept and material for adult education practitioners. Main aims of this initiative is to 1) IDENTIFY the status quo of OER use in Adult Education Institutions (AEI); 2) RAISE awareness around the value of OER & OEP; 3) CREATE a quality framework of OER & OEP; 4) IMPROVE digital skills of educational professionals & set in motion a new culture of Open Education and finally 5) SUPPORT AEI’s in developing and implementing sustainable OEPs.
Within the framework of this webinar, the results of the need analysis will be presented and the barriers and opportunities of OER uptake will be discussed. Participants will be given the opportunity to feed the discussion and inform the developments of the project.
OERup! (http://www.oerup.eu/) is a 24 month project funded by the Erasmus+ programme and it was launched in October 2014.


Contributed by: Cristina Stefanelli

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2015 10:00
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