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The Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering (INCO) and the Program of Virtual Learning Environments UdelaR (PROEVA) invites all stakeholders to discuss the situation of the Open Education in Uruguay.

The workshop will be held in the framework of the Open Education Week 2015 and will take place on Friday March 13th from 18:00 to 20:00.


Bringing together different stakeholders in promoting Uruguayan practices and Open Education policies to analyse current status of Open Education in Uruguay and identify areas for joint work.


You can register in the role of active participant (speaker) or assistant (listener). Participants will have 5 minutes to:

Submit a brief with the practices and / or projects related to open education or policy implementation Open Education. Identify two challenges and priority areas necessary for the development of the Open Education in Uruguay.

The organizers will moderate the workshop and the day before the event, communicate via email the order of the presentations.


To register must complete the form.

The workshop will be active on 13 March at the link below and its recorded version will be available via the same link following the workshop.

Uruguay University

Contributed by: Silvia Da Rosa

Date and Time: Mar 13, 2015 21:00
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