Open Paradigms in Education (OPEN 2015)

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Acharya Narendra Dev College, a constituent college of University of Delhi, India is known for being a pioneer within the University in OER. Being a strong believer in open education, the college has organized over twenty Learning for Content (L4C) workshops – in an evangelist mode to spread the concept of ‘open’ in software and educational content. While many of us in the college do understand the importance of OER in education these are not paradigms that are easily accepted in the academic world particularly among the traditional colleges in India.

Recognizing the fact that OER promote autonomy and self-reliance within the learning community by negating time constraints and overcoming geographic, economic, social, and cultural barriers; and in order to spread the concepts of OER outside, the college proposes to organize a 2-days seminar-cum-workshop on March 13-14, 2015 to celebrate ‘Open Education Week’. The event is aimed to create awareness among faculty members across different colleges of University of Delhi about open education and its impact on teaching and learning. The workshop will also specifically focus on the use of open licences. These two days would encompass diverse tools, resources and practices based on the following:

  • Introduction to OER: What and Why?
  • How to use and modify OER for classroom use?
  • Content creation and consolidation
  • Open Education and Licensing: Creative Commons
  • OER initiatives@ANDC
  • Important sites for OER

Acharya Narendra Dev College (University of Delhi), India

Contributed by: Sarita Kumar

Date and Time: Mar 13, 2015 09:30
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