University libraries, institutional repositories and education

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The event will feature two presentations and a discussion.
It will be jointly organized by the University Library Svetozar Marković, Librarians’ Section of the Serbian Association of Institutes and KoBSON and hosted by the University Library Svetozar Marković in Belgrade

Presentation 1
The role of university libraries in the process of creating, archiving and increasing the visibility of PhD theses
Dragana Stolić, PhD, Department of Scientific information and Education Library Svetozar Marković

University libraries are active participants in a complex and demanding process of writing PhD theses. Based on work and experience of the University Library Svetozar Marković, this presentation seeks to draw attention to the phases in that procedure, in which the role of the library is particularly significant and unavoidable. It will be emphasized that along with its traditional roles, such as depositing and lending this type of materials, academic libraries face much bigger tasks which have to do with the very act of creating PhD theses and the improvement of educational processes.

Presentation 2:

Institutional repositories: various content types and their visibility
Milica Ševkušić, Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA

The content of institutional repositories (IR) is not necessarily limited to researchers’ scientific output (theses, scholarly papers, datasets). The so-called “secondary materials” produced in the process of scientific research (presentations, working drafts, technical instructions etc.) may be valuable for young scientists and students who are yet to adopt the techniques of scientific research. Learning and educational materials may also be deposited in IR. The purpose of the presentation is to draw attention to the possibilities and advantages of this practice, having in mind that it has not been adopted (so far) at Serbian universities.

University Library in Belgrade Svetozar Markovic, Librarians' Section of the Serbian Association of Institutes & KoBSON

Serbia, Belgrade

Contributed by: Milica Sevkusic

Language: Serbian

Date and Time: Mar 07, 2016 12:00
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