Interactive lecture: Open Education at Wageningen University & Research

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Join this interactive workshop and find out what have been the motives for Wageningen to join the coalition on Open Education and how that translates into policy. Join and find out more about current projects and discuss the future of open education. In November 2016 signed the board of Wageningen together with nearly all Dutch Universities a declaration about the intention to promote Open Education (the so-called coalition of the willing). In this interactive lecture, Ulrike Wild will enlighten us about the current situation from intention to reality. What have been the motives for Wageningen to join the coalition, how do we translate that into policy, what are the current projects in which these ideas are brought to life, how do we see the future? Adjacent Sjef Moling will tell more about the project lab-videos and how this fits into the framework open education at Wageningen. For who? Teachers, policy makers, everybody interested. Want to join? There is no need to sign up in advance, just come to Impulse on 28 March 2017!

Wageningen University & Research

Netherlands, Wageningen

Contributed by: Suzanne de Bruijn

Language: Dutch

Date and Time: Mar 28, 2017 10:00
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