Workshop Finding Open Content for My Courses

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Open content is online material that can be freely used in your courses and adapted to your needs. This material can be images, movies, journal articles, books, assignments, or whole courses. In this workshop, we explain how to recognise and find open content.

The workshop
This workshop is organised by Marianne Renkema and Marian van Harmelen of the WUR-Library. Please bring your laptop with you!

For who?
For all who are involved in teaching and creating educational material. Participants who are not affiliated with WUR are also welcome.

Sign up now! Maximum number of participants is 25.

Sign up in advance. Check the website

Wageningen University & Research

Netherlands, Wageningen

Contributed by: Suzanne de Bruijn

Language: Dutch

Date and Time: Mar 27, 2017 14:30
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