Advanced Certificate in Innovation and Open Education

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The goal of this advanced faculty development program is for University of Guadalajara professors to critically and confidently integrate open strategies and activities in their courses.

Through the use of plenary sessions, collaborative teamwork and experiential learning, the program will provide learners with the tools they need to meaningfully plan, design, implement and share open education concepts in the classroom and/or at the University. The professors will be expected to collaborate, share, and contribute openly to a community of practice that fosters the culture of open at UdG.

Plenary sessions:

Monday: The Open Question: Wikimedia as Example (not Answer)

Tuesday: Open Pedagogy: How can open pedagogy move us from content to action?

Wednesday: Open Technology: Why Open Technology?

Thursday: Open Scholarship: Openness as scholarly practice has many branches to explore.

Friday: Chopped Challenge

Centro Universitario del Sur

Mexico, Cd. Guzman, Jalisco

Contributed by: Lilia Guiodi Gomez Sanchez

Language: Spanish

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2018 15:00
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