Open Textbook workshop: "Open Textbook in a Day"

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TU Delft Library and the TU Delft Teaching Lab have designed a pilot workshop for TU Delft teachers to publish an Open Textbook in a one-day workshop. An Open Textbook is an important tool for the TU Delft to showcase the type of expertise we teach at our university. But, more importantly, it helps our teachers to further establish themselves as experts in their field and to be more effective teachers. Their students will always have access to their textbook, teachers are in control of the content of the textbook and the result will be published with an ISBN, with teachers as intellectual property owners. The focus of the workshop is conversion and publication of Open Textbooks from content that teachers use in their educational practice. This content may include, but is not limited to: A complete syllabus or reader; Written text; Images; Assignments and exercises. During the workshop this content will be converted into the Open Textbook format. Our copyright office will be present during the workshop to assist with copyright proofing the Open Textbook and to perform plagiarism checks. The results will be published on our digital TU Delft Open Books platform.

Delft University of Technology

Netherlands, Delft

Contributed by: Michiel de Jong

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2018 08:00
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