OpenMed: a learning journey opening up education in South-Mediterranean countries

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Within the frame of the OpenMed project, we have designed, developed and piloted a blended course “Open Education: fundamentals and approaches” with the aim to building capacity on Open Education and Open Educational Resources (OER) among universities in the South Mediterranean region. The course has engaged 82 lecturers and other HE professionals, collaborating in facilitated local Learning Circles within the partner universities in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Lebanon. The course modules are available in English, French and Arabic as OERs. In this webinar we will share our learning from the pilot run, and the facilitators’ perspectives on the results of the course final project works about the production, reuse and local/cultural adaptation of OERs, and what are seen to be core attitudes necessary for facilitating intercultural exchange and engagement with OERs. We are also eager to explore and support possible ways to exploit the OpenMed course, and to hear from others with interest in setting up an OpenMed learning circle in their educational setting. ### About OpenMed The overarching goal of OpenMed is to raise awareness and facilitate the adoption of Open Educational Practices (OEP) and engagement with Open Educational Resources in the South-Mediterranean region. OpenMed is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union - OpenMed project

Italy, Rome

Contributed by: Cristina Stefanelli

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 06, 2018 17:00
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