ART-BASED FEEDBACK: open approach and resouces to enhance learning through arts

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In this webinar Daniela Casiraghi and Bianca Santolini (METID-Learning Innovation, Politecnico di Milano, Italy) will present the experience conducted in the framework of the FeedBack Erasmus+ Project, which aims at developing the practice of feedback through arts. Firstly, the webinar will introduce the practice of feedback as a “gift, an energy to go on”, to set the base and a common language among participants. Then, the golden rules related to the practice of feedback will be defined with and by participants. This will lead to the presentation of the ART-BASED FEEDBACK model, designed within the framework of the projects, which connects the different stages of the feedback process to Art-Based Initiatives (ABIs) for sustainability, ABIs for inspiration and ABIs for transformation. Several ABIs have been designed and collected within a digital toolkit They have been released with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License ( and tested in the five partners countries. After showing the toolkit and the available tools useful to design new ABIs, the webinar will present the first results: using innovative feedback practices, developed and spread thanks to an open and integrated strategy (a toolkit, webinars, live workshops in the partner countries, peer support in designing new activities) creates awareness on the topic, supports the design and personalisation of the process itself and, thus, enhances the teaching and learning experience. Hence, no time devoted to feedback actually means no time to cause learning.


Italy, Milan

Contributed by: Daniela Casiraghi

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 03, 2020 14:00
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