OER20 Preview

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This recorded webinar will host contributors to the OER20 conference offering a preview of the conference activity.

This year’s theme: The Care in Openness

Covering issues of privilege, equity, precarity, power relations and public interest, OER20 will put the spotlight on both the value and limitations of care in open education.

Care is a means for social transformation when it is rooted in actual practices and mechanisms that guarantee its redistribution towards a lasting social reorganisation (ZEMOS98, 2019). But in the age of data surveillance and significant risk on the open web, how can we map out and give visibility to the critical component of care practices? How can we build sustainable communities, participatory practices, and civic engagement for the public good and a healthier democracy?

Open Education SIG

United Kingdom, Leamington Spa

Contributed by: Teresa MacKinnon

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 04, 2020 14:00
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