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This is an ONLINE "activity-a-thon" which has asynchronous competitions and synchronous workshop sessions. The theme for this year is Culture and Heritage in a bid to make ourselves aware and share diverse cultures, traditions and heritage. There are two competitions : a) "Stories of Objects" where participant have to share a photo and the story of an object they possess that signifies their heritage. They also have to write a personal note about a specific memory that makes it special. b) There are indigenous traditions that form part of our lives and are possibly dying out. Through this, the participants will share a short video of a tradition to share the intangible heritage. There will be workshops related to these topics and their pedagogic use through the OE WEEK. The workshop sessions and competitions will be available via Google Classroom

School of Education and Research, MIT-ADT University, Pune

India, Pune, Maharashtra

Contributed by: Ajita Deshmukh

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 07, 2022 11:00
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