COERLL project presentation series: Tecnologia com alma / Technology with soul (ClicaBrasil)

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The Center for Open Educationa Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) is hosting a project presentation series. Please register in advance to attend. The ClicaBrasil textbook and accompanying online resources (videos and readings) are all part of a widely-used intermediate Portuguese course. These resources are designed for intermediate to advanced students, but are accessible to everyone. Each unit includes videos of Brazilians from all walks of life speaking naturally about their lives and their country, and numerous activities and exercises available in Google docs. Presenter: Vivian Flanzer (University of Texas at Austin)

Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL)

United States of America, Austin, TX

Twitter: @COERLL

Contributed by: Nathalie Steinfeld Childre

Language: Portuguese, Brazil

Date and Time: Apr 19, 2022 15:00
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