Designing Future Skills-ready Future higher education: Why it Matters and What We can Do A Future Skills - Apéro conversation with Gilly Salmon

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The world is changing faster than ever before – not only since the pandemic. Which are the skills needed to engage in and shape inclusive societies and master emergent, uncertain futures? And are today’s higher education institutions and the current teaching and learning practices appropriate for meeting the new challenges? Future Skills are gaining relevance and importance in the discussion on present and future higher education. Not only are Future Skills one of the currently most debated topics – they also open up to fascinating new approaches of how we live and learn together. This Future Skills Apéro with world-renowned Professor Gilly Salmon is hosted by Ulf-Daniel Ehlers and Laura Eigbrecht. The conversation will focus on sharing insights from her work on transformation of higher education and feature spicy good anecdotes, examples and stories ‘between the lines’. We will ask Gilly Salmon why Future Skills matter, how we can promote them, what we can learn from education in times of the pandemic and how we can design future and Future Skills-ready higher education. Participants are invited to contribute to the discussion by bringing in their questions and impulses to the conversation.

EDEN Digital Learning Europe

Estonia, Tallin

Twitter: @EDEN25_Official

Contributed by: Sandra Kucina Softic

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2022 17:30
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