DigiPrior - Additional vocational skills for librarians

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The COVID-19 pandemic has widened the existing digital skills gap, while new inequalities have emerged, as many professionals do not have the necessary level of digital skills needed in the workplace. This is also true for the cultural heritage sector, where the digital divide leaves small institutions without the possibility to reach, connect or serve their public. In this webinar Biblioteca Judeteana George Baritiu Brasov will present their work in DigiPrior project towards increasing the capacity (knowledge, skills, and competencies) of librarians, archivists, collectors, and library managers in the sphere of prioritizing the items for digitization and attractive/motivating prevention of the digital artifacts via creating appropriate training materials. Topics highlighted: Indicators for prioritizing digitization, The quality of digitization and copyright issues, Data security and integrity, Presenting and promoting the digitized data.

Biblioteca Județeană George Barițiu Brașov

Romania, Brasov

Twitter: @bjbv

Contributed by: Claudia Popescu (Twitter: @http://twitter.com/claudiapopescu)

Language: Romanian

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2022 10:30
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