Join Us in the OEG Voices Podcast Studio with OE Award Winners Gino Fransman and Werner Westermann

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This is one of two live recording sessions for the OEG Voices podcast. OEGlobal is hosting during Open Education Week. You are invited to enter our studios Wednesday March 9 for a conversation with two dynamic winners of individual Open Education Awards for Excellence, from Chile, Werner Westermann recognized with a Support Specialist Award and from South Africa, Gino Fransman, recognized with an Emerging Leader Award. The OEG Voices podcast series provides a conversational style connection with key persons in our field. If you would like a seat in the recording studio to listen and/or to ask questions of these two leaders in Open Education, you can be there for our conversation.


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United States of America, Concord, MA

Twitter: @OpenEdGlobal

Contributed by: Alan Levine (Twitter: @cogdog)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2022 07:00
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