Let’s talk about… networking and OER-community building in the context of German higher-ed

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Dr. Markus Deimann, head of ORCA.nrw, the Open Resources Campus of the German state NRW, is inviting you to get to know the initiative and ask him anything about the Open Resources Campus NRW. ORCA.nrw is a relatively new project, Dr. Deimann is therefore equally interested in hearing your experiences setting up communities on the national level as well as growing international networks. A lot of work goes into creating OER – often that work is taken on by people who have never created OER before. How do you manage to create a community that attracts both OER enthusiasts and people who are new to the OER community? How do you set up a sustainable network and connect people interested in creating OER with people who know all about OER? Dr. Deimann will give a short presentation outlining the set-up of ORCA.nrw and its goals, afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask him anything. The event is open to anyone interested, the exchange will be informal and welcoming to all those interested. Come prepared with your questions regarding Germany’s newest OER imitative or just join in and listen.

Landsportal ORCA.nrw

Germany, Bochum

Twitter: @ORCAnrw

Contributed by: Markus Deimann

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2022 16:00
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