Post COVID Classroom Management - why and what shall be done differently to be able to manage kids again

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Managing POST_COVID classrooms is a struggle for many educators around the world. They report that children have changed a lot and it is not easy to calm them down. It is not easy, because many kids have been out of their comfort zone for nearly two years now, and calming them down is a territory of psychology, not education. I have developed easy-to-implement tools that enable educators in the classroom to calm them down in minutes. Shall they follow my instruction, tutors will be able to convert the classroom into a more quiet place in the long run. During the webinar, I will summarize why kids behave the way they do after returning to school from the COVID isolations and will explain to the educator what and why they should do differently to be able to manage them successfully again. The zoom link: Meeting ID: 848 9457 0292, Passcode: 788810

S-Cool Days Program

Spain, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Contributed by: ildiko gyori

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2022 17:00
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