Salt Lake Community College Celebrates Open Education Week

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Salt Lake Community College Celebrates Open Education Week 2022! The faculty highlights are a special tribute to the efforts of our faculty, schools, and departments in supporting OER work at SLCC and beyond. We celebrate our Open Champions at The Open SLCC Team will host student booths at four separate campus locations to raise the visibility of No-Cost / Low-Cost Textbooks. Students are invited to come and learn about how to find No-Cost / Low-Cost courses in the schedule, enjoy food and fun. The Open SLCC Team has created an external resource centered on Pressbooks, JEDI, and Open Pedagogy. In honor of achieving our estimated $21 million student cost savings milestone, we are sharing our updated program metrics.

Salt Lake Community College

OEGlobal member

United States of America, Taylorsville, Utah

Twitter: @SaltLakeCC

Contributed by: Andrea Scott (Twitter: @acorbettscott)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 10, 2022 15:32
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