Using our Open Source Publishing platforms to enable ePortfolios

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Multiple SUNY campuses are sharing resources that make building websites and portfolios possible. At SUNY Oneonta, instructor support for ePortfolios comes from the Teaching, Learning, & Technology Center. The presenters will share an upper-division fashion portfolio project as a case study of utilizing open source web publishing platforms to create student ePortfolios. We will include faculty, instructional design, and student feedback perspectives. During the presentation, we will present from multiple viewpoints. From a campus perspective, multiple ePortfolio solutions were piloted in the past two years. We will discuss the decision-making process that brought us to our current solution that blends authentic web building skills, portability after graduation, and privacy controls. From an instructor perspective, we will share our experiences beginning a new project, shifting support for different modalities during remote instruction semesters, and timing assignments, feedback, reflection, and revision across the semester. To prepare for this presentation we have interviewed former students, and have included their perceptions on the ePortfolio building process and how it helped them prepare for their careers.

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Contributed by: Erin Maney (Twitter: @ExpertlyMade)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 09, 2022 10:00
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