Digital Immigrants Survival Toolkit (DISK) Webinar

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This webinar focuses on an ERASMUS+ project Digital Immigrants Survival Toolkit (DISK). The project (2019-2022) aims to develop adults' lack of digital competencies with a special focus on so-called "digital immigrants," i.e., people who are disadvantaged in society due to a lack of digital skills DC and are therefore among the less educated DC) and enable them to take an active role in the digital society. The objectives are to create, implement and evaluate 15 modules covering different specific topics from the everyday life of digital immigrants as a "Digital Immigrants Survival Kit" (DISK), to use Flipped Learning 3.0 as a training approach, to create an innovative self-assessment tool based on competency-based self-assessment mandalas, to create a transferability and implementation guide, to flexibly transfer the results and outcomes to other European countries and finally to publish the modules of the DISK toolkit as Open Educational Resources (OER). During the webinar, we will discuss how to bridge the digital divide for this target group and what it takes to become an active citizen in an increasingly digital society. This target group, in particular, is often left behind because they often lack the digital skills to be included, participate and be part of a democratic society.

Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (QOOL) Consulrancy

Sweden, Lund

Contributed by: Prof., Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson (Twitter: @EbbaOssian)

Language: English

Date and Time: Mar 08, 2022 14:00
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