Alquimétricos LAB - Open STEAM toys

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Created in 2015, Alquimétricos designs and shares tutorials, educational guides, and STEAM projects instructions and blueprints to fabricate DIY modular didactic toys. We are an open, collaborative, cooperative, and international movement aimed to reduce the entry barriers to learning STEAM disciplines by experimenting and playing. The intention is to help lower educational resources access inequality, especially in the Global South. That's why we made it open, collaborative, and hackable. Alquimétricos can be produced at home, at school, or the FabLab, using simple tools and recycled materials, as well as digital fabrication machinery. Alquimétricos LAB is our latest creation: a platform where our community can share projects, tutorials, experiments, and ideas. Come and join the movement!


Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Twitter: @alquimetricos

Contributed by: Fernando Daguanno (Twitter: @ferdaguanno)

Language: Portuguese, Brazil

License: CC-BY

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