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Collection of past activities & events hosted by the community during previous editions of Open Education Week.

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Supporting Open Education and Open Knowledge at the University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

United Kingdom, EDINBURGH

Mar 05, 2019 12:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Symposium on Open Systems

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore

Pakistan, Lahore

Mar 05, 2019 07:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Teaching in the Open: From Open Educational Resources to Open Pedagogy

SUNY Geneseo

United States, Geneseo, New York

Mar 04, 2019 14:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Telling Stories with Twine & H5P

Hamburg University of Technology

Germany, Hamburg

Mar 06, 2019 13:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

The Educator's Guide to Producing New Media and Open Educational Resources

Mitchell Community College

United States, Statesville, North Carolina

Mar 05, 2019 19:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

The forum of Center for Open Education 2018

Hokkaido University

Japan, Sapporo

Mar 08, 2019 04:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

The story of the Open University in Europe and the world

European Distance and E-Learning Network – EDEN

Hungary, Budapest

Mar 05, 2019 12:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

The Who, What, Why, and How of LibreTexts


United States, Davis, CA

Mar 07, 2019 19:30 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

TU Delft Open Education Week Events

Delft University of Technology

Netherlands, Delft

Mar 08, 2019 08:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Tydzień Otwartej Edukacji / prezentacja gry Niewidzialna Wyprawa

Gdańsk University of Technology Library

Poland, Gdańsk

Mar 04, 2019 09:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

UNESCO Seminar: Open Education in the Post-MOOC Era

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Spain, Leganés

Mar 07, 2019 09:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Virginia Tech 2019 Open Education Symposium: Expanding Open Education in Colleges & Universities

University Libraries, Virginia Tech

United States, Blacksburg, VA

Mar 04, 2019 18:30 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Webinar: "Conociendo las Licencias Creative Commons"

Instituto Tecnológico de las Américas ITLA

Dominican Republic, Autopista Las Américas, Km. 27, PCSD, La Caleta, Boca Chica 11606.

Mar 05, 2019 19:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

Webinar: “Investigar en Educación Abierta. Aportes desde Uruguay”

Facultad de Información y Comunicación

Uruguay, Montevideo

Mar 07, 2019 19:00 (UTC)   (view in other timezones)

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